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Full-Stack Wordpress Developer with 17 years experience
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multilingual, ecommerce, DAM, APIs, ACF Blocks

Tuuci is an international company that started in the sailing world, with sails rigging, but now makes high end shade umbrellas for commercial and residential spaces. They came to us needing a multilingual WordPress e-commerce site that could integrate with Bynder, a Digital Asset Manager. I utilized the Bynder API to overhaul how images are managed in the WordPress CMS. Now content managers can seamlessly use Bynder assets in their website.


Workplace Solutions

web app, offline

Workplace Solutions is a presentation web application that is fully customizable by Steelcase dealers and other client facing employees. Users can begin from a prescribed launching point and then customize slides and product callouts on the fly. Presenters can add notes to different slides or products and afterwards can easily share the discussion notes or pertinent product information with the client or other partners.

Steelcase complained of bad WIFI and slow data speeds at many of their presentation locations and requested that this site be available offline. We used Service Workers so that a user can setup a presentation, download it for use to the browser and present even when not connected to the internet.

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DisArt works as a production company, consulting group, and community developer ensuring the full and equitable participation of all disabled people. It believes that expressions of a disability culture can transform communities from awareness, to understanding, to belonging.

We were asked to build a website that represented that mission. We worked hand in hand with people who explained their website workflow and which aspects would make using this website work the best for them.


Media Walls

APIs, digital signage

For Steelcase’s Munich Innovation Center, we built a series of dashboards. As you move through the facility, relevant content is fed to each screen. In customer facing spaces, corporate information and local news is displayed while other spaces feature a mixture of facility, employee, and project information. All data are collected from different data sources either internal or external.

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Scott Group Studio

visualizer, custom search / filters

Scott Group Studio creates custom luxury rugs and carpets and wanted a website that visually communicates the beauty and quality of their product. Our site redesign allows for a more editorial approach and showcases their custom products in a variety of settings. We built a more functional product library for easier searching and filtering.

We also built a custom feature, the Color Visualizer, that lets customers modify a pattern with their own color choices or choose one of Scott Group Studio’s custom color palettes to see how a piece will look. The custom creation can be saved as a pdf or sent to the Scott Group Studio team to continue the rug making process.

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Worklife Survey

web app, APIs, real time event listeners

Steelcase wanted an application to display at the front of conference rooms that would visually present live survey results from users currently in the room.

I developed a survey for iPads that instantly sent submission results to a central location that would animate incoming data on the fly.

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Sloppy Mama's BBQ

shopify, ecommerce

I rebuilt Sloppy Mama’s website on Shopify’s e-commerce platform. This enabled the owners to easily sell their sauces and merchandise online as well as quickly make content changes.


Tailorshop App

ticket system, web app

I built a Tailor Shop ticket system to enable employees to receive garments, assign tickets to tailors, check status and notify clients of status changes.

Tailors also have an admin tool that allows them to track time receive new assignments and update a ticket’s status.

Stylex Design

DAM, WP/PHP data manipulation scripting

Stylex, a long time client, asked us for a site redesign back in 2016. I built the site to provide flexibility and nuanced control over the layout of each page. The result is a highly curated user experience that reflects Stylex’s artistic vision and attention to detail and raises their perception in the A&D community.

Seven years later they asked that we retroactively move all of their media assets to Bynder, a Digital Asset Manager. After numerous scripts and rewrites, all of their assets are now loaded from the DAM and are easily maintained within the WordPress admin.




GRLA is a video production company. They have a small team but produce a lot of beautiful work. We wanted a simple way to cleanly show off their videos while providing interesting user feedback. The result is an easily managed but heavy visual display of content which tells interesting stories about each of their projects.